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Families Action Support Team Incorporated ( FAST ) was initiated by a group of families who all have a disabled son or daughter. Based in Palmerston North, the prime purpose of getting FAST started was to fill the gaps where services and facilities are currently not available in the community or within current government infrastructures. Since its inception in 2008, FAST has been able to establish facilities and services in giving FAST young people a good life.

FAST Families

Along with others, the families went through the BIG PLAN process which allowed them to realize the dreams and visions of the individuals who had, maybe for the first time, been able to share with their families the things that they were passionate about. FAST then proceeded to set up networks of support (based on the Canadian PLAN model) for the families. This was done in partnership with the Belonging Initiative, which FAST is a member of, and with funding from the Todd Foundation. FAST also worked with eight other families in establishing network circles of support for their disabled sons and daughters. Through the assistance of Frozen Funds, another charitable grant source, seven micro businesses were also established for fifteen people. These micro businesses range from operating laundries, wood work, DVD distribution and food preservation to arts and photography. 

In conjunction with this work FAST is also developing the necessary structures, through facilitating sustainable natural supports and resources, to eliminate and minimize the fears families have about what will happen to the person with the disability when the parents die.

FAST is working to systematically establish the necessary procedures and processes that will be necessary to ensure a good and valued life for the family member with a disability. We need these to be sustainable, to remain in place and be viable even after the parents are no longer around. In this way we will ensure our children’s quality of live and a real place in their own community.

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