About Us

“From small streams, mighty rivers flow; from tiny acorns, tall Oaks grow” 14th Century proverb.

FAST has been formed as an incorporated Society based in Palmerston North with the objective of raising the standards of living for people with disabilities. We want them to achieve ‘ A Good Life ‘.

The FAST families team is filling in the gaps where services or facilities are not available under current government structures or within the community. FAST hopes to eliminate and minimise the fears of families who have members with a disability about the well being of their loved ones once they are gone.

FAST Incorporated has been formed to assist in setting up networks of support, employment and sustainable finance structures. When the parents are no longer around, there will be an infrastructure in place to ensure the sustainability of a quality life for these individuals. FAST aims to reduce or even eliminate the dependence these persons with disabilities have on Agencies and Government benefits.

We believe that we have a unique model, and one which we hope will really make a difference to these people and the perceptions that large numbers of the community have of them.

FAST Circle Networks

FAST Circle Networks work with individuals with disabilities and help them form enduring and reciprocal relationships with a cross section of the community.

FAST Circle

These networks can be around a micro-enterprise or business, study, sport, recreation and/or social interaction and focus on the importance of roles. FAST has a team of trained Circle Facilitators who help families to create these enduring supporting networks around the individual. FAST is also part of the Belonging Initiatives group (comprising of FAST, Standards Plus and Parent and family Resource Centre ) formed in 2008 specifically to establish support circles in various regions across the country

FAST Micro-Business

FAST Micro-business assists families in facilitating and mentoring micro-businesses formed around the interests and abilities of their family members.

FAST Microbusiness Team

This enables the individuals to establish their own business and in some cases provide employment to others by actively involving the community. In this way, these people become contributors to the economy of their community, rather than just being the receiver of benefits and services. There will be a need for ongoing support for the entrepreneurs, and this is available though FAST Inc and Community volunteers engaged by FAST.

FAST Institute

These support models developed by FAST in NZ are new and innovative. We want to look at ways of conveying these exciting programmes to families.

We will be creating awareness for the families by assisting and encouraging them to attend workshops at which they will learn, amongst other things, how to create circles and set up Micro-businesses around their disabled family member. We will also run FAST workshops, seminars and conferences, and produce other resources such as books, pamphlets, audio recordings or DVDs. The families will be encouraged to support and share with one another their experiences and stories.

We are driven by the fact that we have seen too many exhausted parents from lack of support, too many broken families, and too many marginalised disabled people.

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