The Extra Ordinary Photographers Story

Sunday, Aug 15, 2010

Michael, Brian and Keith are clients of Options. They all have an intellectual disability and all have displayed a reasonably high proficiency in Photography.

It was suggested to FAST by staff at Options in Community Living, a Palmerston North based support agency, that a public exhibition could be a way of displaying their craft. FAST Microbusiness agreed to this, and funded the display and mounting of their chosen photographs.

A successful inaugural exhibition was held at the Palmerston North Public Library. “Extra Ordinary Photographers” was reasonably well attended and some good networking opportunities presented themselves. Brian and Keith are keen to take this one step further and begin publishing a sporting newspaper. FAST representatives had a long discussion with these two men. It was suggested that perhaps a Sporting Website might be a good vehicle for this as there would be no printing or distribution costs.

No further commitment to funding has been made at this time, although FAST Microbusiness will follow closely and assist with the development of a website if this is what they desire.

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