Chrissie, Mandy, and Tracey's Story

Sunday, Aug 15, 2010

Chrissie, Mandy, and Tracey are three young women with varying degrees of Fragile X Syndrome. They are currently living in a family home.

They have expressed an interest in running a Laundry Business. This Business would be probably on a larger scale and based locally.

From the Frozen Funds Grant, FAST Microbusiness has purchased a washing machine and drier for this enterprise. The machines are currently held in storage while we source a suitable establishment for their business premises.

FAST feel that with the capabilities and energy of these three young women, a higher participation level is possible. We also feel that creating the business within their home could be limiting. We want them to be like most of the community and leave home for work in the morning and return in the evening.

As soon as the lease on a suitable premises (which may be as small as a garage) can be negotiated the business will be set up. They already have the promise of one client (a hairdresser ) to wash and dry the towels used.

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