Kimberlee's Circle

Saturday, Aug 14, 2010

Kimberlee is an older person who was extremely isolated in her one bedroom flat which she shifted into 6 months ago, after living 26 years in supported residential care. Already we have been able to build a positive profile of who she is and her abilities. After meeting the only person she could think of as a possible friend we have been able to identify around another 7 people who we will be able to invite to have contact with her. Because she is very new to the circle of support idea we have agreed to move very carefully at her pace of readiness. She has identified that she is fairly clueless as to how to be a friend to others. The one person we have approached has been supported to let her know if she would be prepared to get herself to where they meet for coffee or a movie it would feel more like a balanced friendship and be more keen to meet. Kimberlee is happy to do this and is mindful she doesn’t want to overtax the friendship.

In looking for roles and capacities we have been able to identify her phone skills and her ability to ask respectfully for help ( as she has had to do all her life ) she is very well equipped to offer her services to Woman’s Aglow ( a monthly group that she belongs to ) to help those who haven’t got transport to be matched with those able to offer rides - this has been an exciting discovery for her as in the past she has been ( and still is ) in need of being supported this way - but this need has given her excellent skills and is quite a transformation in her self image that she might be able to step up and help others. Brokering this role with the organisation will radically change her sense of belonging and the way others regard her as a contributing member.

We have very quickly identified 5 people who she might feel comfortable with to come round intentionally and support her with their friendship and ideas of how she can achieve her dreams of having a good network of friends. This will completely alter her current situation of being very isolated - most of these people are unaware of her situation and have very genuine concern for her and value her as a genuine friend.

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