Robin's Story

Sunday, Aug 15, 2010

Robin has Downs Syndrome. He is very quiet and not very confident in large gatherings of people.

His mother and father always felt that he needed to get out into the community more, but it is one thing to have the idea, and yet another to bring this into practise.

Everyone has a passion. In Robin it is Laundry. While a strange passion for a young man to have, Robin is very orderly and tidy by nature. He has an ability to fold laundry that many spend their life times trying to achieve. He could be given 20 diverse items and they would come back in a stack that you could put a ruler against.

He was a very likely candidate for a small laundry business, helped and mentored by FAST and volunteer members of his circle.

The idea has taken some time to bring together as we did not want to inundate him with information or work. The first step was getting him into his own flat and cooking and cleaning for himself. This was achieved about 6 months ago.

With part of the Frozen Funds Grant, FAST Microbusiness purchased a washing machine and drier and had them installed in Robin's Flat.

With the help of his support circle, Robin's first client was gained. He has to collect the dirty towels and wash cloths from this small business, wash, dry and fold them, and return them the next day. So far he is managing this well. Once he has become accustomed to this client, FAST and the circle will look for other clients always ensuring that our expectations do not overwhelm R.

FAST anticipate that the business will grow to the extent where Robin may need to employ another worker. This will be dealt with when this eventuality arises.

Robin has also gained the confidence to join the Special Olympics Ten Pin Bowling Squad, and recently represented Manawatu in the regional games.

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